Have you checked out CBBC’s Best in the World, a brand new show that showcases some of the greatest Guinness World Records title holders?

Well, we did – and we loved it!🥳

Don’t worry if you missed it though, as it airs daily in the UK at 3:20pm GMT.

Check out the official trailer:

In the meantime, keep reading and we’ll share some of our favourite records from the first episode 😉

But first things first – what makes this show so unique and fun?

  • It focuses on some of our incredible record breakers and their Officially Amazing™ achievements (okay, we might be biased on this one 😂)
  • It creates fun games around the records and invites you to play along!

OK, now let’s move on to actually discussing the first episode because we’re dying to share our favourite moments 🤩


Guess the Number

One of our favourite records has to be the most clothes retrieved from washing line by a dog in one minute

After all, who can resist an adorable doggie record?!🐶

This little superstar managed to take off 18 items of clothing from the washing line and, with his determined owner’s help, put them all in a bin in just 60 seconds.

But what made this moment in the show even more exciting was that before the record attempt, viewers had to guess the number of clothes!

What a nailbiter 😬

And if you want the inside scoop, here’s some exclusive info we can share with you about this Officially Amazing dog:

• His name is Daiquiri and he’s from Canada 🍁

• This isn’t his first Guinness World Records title – he’s also done the most weaves through a person's legs by a dog in 30 seconds!

Pick of the Best

During this part of the show, three young judges, two boys and a girl, were chosen to pick the Best Grandparent (not an official record title, sadly!) based on the record each contestant had broken 🏆

Here are the four contestants:


1 - Gamer Grandma 

The oldest videogames YouTuber is Hamako Mori (Japan) at 92 years old 🎮


2 – Oldest person to footbag

The oldest competitive footbag (hacky sack) player is Ken Moller (USA) at 75 years old 😮


3 – Oldest scuba diver 

The oldest male scuba diver is William Lambert (USA) at 102 years old 🤿


4 – Oldest powerlifter

The oldest competitive powerlifter (female) is Edith Muray-Traina (USA) at 102 years old🏋️‍♀️

So, which one would you pick as the Best Grandparent?

We couldn’t really choose one, as we think all our record breakers are unique and extraordinary… 

But we sure do love a good old competition 💪

However, if you really want to know, the contestant who stole the judges’ hearts was…

Super scuba diver Grandpa! 👴

These were just a couple of the Best in the World’s first episode highlights.

With its exciting games and the presenter’s funny comments, this show is definitely worth watching!

Especially with a friend or brother/sister to play and compete with 😎

Don’t miss it today, and every day, at 3:20pm on CBBC.

Missed an episode? Don't worry! Catch up on all the episodes to date on BBC iPlayer.