harnaam kaur close up

Today, 8 March 2022, is International Women’s Day – a global day for celebrating the achievements of women. 👩🎉

One of our most inspirational female record holders is Harnaam Kaur (UK), who became the world’s youngest female with a full beard at 24 years 282 days old.

Harnaam’s message of self-love has been inspiring to women all around the world. 🤗

We had a chat with Harnaam to learn more about her life and how she does her amazing eyeliner! 

At the age of 11, Harnaam started to notice that she was growing facial hair. 

She was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, which means that she has much more testosterone than most women.

Testosterone is a hormone that helps develop facial hair, bigger muscles and other characteristics that are usually associated with males.

Harnaam Kaur touching beard

Harnaam was bullied for many years, but over time she learned not to let it affect her.

She wants people to know that it’s natural for women to grow facial and body hair.

"So many people struggle with the medical condition that I have. Women having facial hair is not unknown." - Harnaam Kaur

harnaam kaur sitting on bench

Harnaam believes that stereotypes play a big part in how women with facial hair are treated.

"It's so funny that it's ok when it's on a guy, but when it's on a women it's mocked. Why do I need to keep explaining my body? Women's bodies are so policed."

 “Just as this Earth grows flowers, our body grows hair.” – Harnaam Kaur

Harnaam Kaur

Although Harnaam is confident in her body, it’s taken a long time for her to overcome the negative attention she receives.

"I used to wear tracksuits or my brother's clothes so I hid the fact I was a women,” she told us.

However, a big turning point for Harnaam was when she travelled to New York City, USA. Appearing at WorldPride NYC, she spoke in front of thousands of people. 😃

"To look like this and to have thousands of people cheering... that was huge for me. I was like 'I can spread my message here now."

Harnaam kaur looking down

Harnaam’s message of self-love doesn’t just apply to women with facial hair.

Her message is about letting people know that whatever they are going through, they are not alone.

"You're not alone. You're struggling with bullying, you're struggling with self-esteem, lack of confidence whatever it is."

She inspires people to find beauty in themselves, whatever form it may come in. 😊

Harnaam Kaur in a park

A lot has changed in the years since Harnaam was awarded her record title. She is a successful motivational speaker and has appeared on the cover of magazines such as Cosmopolitan and Glamour.

Harnaam has also appeared in multiple editions of the Guinness World Records book. 🤩

"Guinness World Records… it’s such a powerful platform. You just open the book itself and you see all these different people with all these different achievements, all these different looks – how can you not accept the world to be diverse? Just look at it." - Harnaam Kaur