Some records require time, money, and other resources in order to be broken…

Other records, instead, can be broken in just a moment.

All it takes is practice – oh, and a ball! ⚽

If you are one of those kids who loves sports and is always kicking a ball, this one is for you.

Check out 6 amazing record breakers and their titles, and get inspired. 👇

tarun kumar cheddy basketball neck catches

Tarun Kumar Cheddy

Tarun from Mauritius has honed his skills as a freestyler with all kinds of balls – basketballs, footballs, even rugby balls!

At the moment, he holds four record titles:

  • Most rugby ball neck throw and catches in 30 seconds - 22
  • Most times to roll a football (soccer ball) around the head in 30 seconds - 14
  • Most basketball neck catches in one minute - 48
  • Most basketball neck catches in 30 seconds - 25

junji nakasone spinning basketballs

Junji Nakasone

No one does basketball freestyling tricks quite like Junji! 🏀

The talented record breaker from Japan holds 4 titles:

  • Longest time spinning four basketballs - 21.65 seconds
  • Longest time spinning three basketballs - 30.12 seconds
  • Highest throw and catch of a spinning basketball - 6.20 m (20 f 4 in)
  • Most basketball arm rolls in one minute (three basketballs) - 56

zaila avant-garde with 6 balls

Zaila Avant-garde

If you thought ball-related records were only meant for boys… think again! 😉 

At the young age of 14, Zaila from USA broke three world records with her basketball skills:

  • Most basketballs dribbled simultaneously - one person - 6
  • Most bounce juggles in one minute with four basketballs - 255
  • Most basketball bounces in 30 seconds (four basketballs) -  307  (current title holder is Corey Rich with 326)

On top of that, she is also the 2021 champ of the Scripps National Spelling Bee! 🐝

Who says you can’t be good at school and sports?

Zaila is one of our Young Achievers – you can read her full story here.

ben nuttall knee catches

Ben Nuttall

Ben is a professional freestyler from the UK who learned all his gravity-defying skills on the streets of Birmingham, his hometown. ❤️ 

He holds three record titles:

  • Most football (soccer) knee catches in 30 seconds - 31
  • Most consecutive rugby ball touches with the feet - 187
  • Most football crossovers in one minute - 53

laura biondo in stadium

Laura Biondo

Originally from Venezuela, Laura used to be a circus artist and has gone on to become a freestyle world champion… and serial record breaker! 

Some of her more recent record titles include: 

  • Most football touches with the head in one minute (female) - 206
  • Most sit down football crossovers in 30 seconds (female) - 62

amazing kid eche attempting record

Chinonso Eche

Chinonso from Nigeria, also known as Amazing Kid Eche, is another one of our Young Achievers. 💪🏽

At the age of 13, he broke 4 records with his awesome football freestyle tricks:

  • Most football (soccer ball) headers in a prone position in one minute - 233
  • Most football (soccer ball) touches in a seated position while balancing a ball on the head in one minute - 197
  • Fastest time to 1000 football (soccer ball) touches while balancing a ball on the head - 7 min 46 sec
  • Most consecutive football (soccer) touches in one minute while balancing a football on the head – 133

Read his full story and check out the video of his attempt here.

What are you waiting for?

Pick a record title, grab a ball… and start practising!