Do you remember Ritaj Hussain Alhazmi, the 12-year-old from Saudi Arabia who became the youngest person to publish a book series (female)? 📚

The series includes 4 books: Treasure of the Lost Sea, Portal of the Hidden World, Beyond the Future World and The Passage to the Unknown.

Ritaj’s immersive storytelling in narrating the magical adventures of two siblings made the series an absolute page-turner. 🤓 

The record now belongs to girl named AlMaha Rashed AlMheiri, who is 3 years 319 days old!

And although Ritaj no longer holds that record, she's earned herself another prestigious title...

So at 15 years and 37 days old, she broke the record for the youngest newspaper columnist (female)!

The teenage writer is over the moon about her Guinness World Records titles, and hopes to inspire other young people out there who love to write. 

"Being a Guinness World Records [title] holder is a big achievement that I want to share with young writers,” she told us. “I want to motivate and encourage young writers to take challenges and face obstacles."

three book covers

Do you like writing? 🖋️

Ritaj is a columnist for the Arab News Pakistan, a Saudi Arabia-based English newspaper in the Middle East.

In her articles she writes about topics she is passionate about, such as her country’s culture, environmental issues and sustainability. ♻️

She believes in showcasing the new generation’s potential, and says she writes for the young community!

“When I feel like I’m not motivated, I’ll look back on this title. It will remind me of who I am and what I achieved.”

Ritaj started her writing journey at a very young age…

"I started writing at the age of 6 while I was accompanied by my family to study abroad,"  she explained.

She speaks Arabic, English and is now learning Japanese! 🤩

What language or languages do you speak? 

🔎 Did you know? A person who speaks multiple language is called multilingual.

Are you multilingual or do you know anyone who is?

ritaj hussain holding two of her published books

Author, columnist… We can’t wait to see what young Ritaj will do next. 👀

Congratulations on another world record, Ritaj!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Do you own many books?

You don’t have to write one to break a world record. 😉

We challenge you to gather your books and place them in alphabetical order as quickly as possible… 

You could become the world record holder for the fastest time to arrange 10 books in alphabetical order!

So basically... the world’s fastest librarian. 🤣

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