These siblings from Abu Dhabi, UAE hold a total of 5 world record titles. 🤯

How is that even possible?!

The short answer is, anything is possible if you work hard for it and don’t give up.

But let’s find out more about the record-breaking trio and their amazing achievements…

The eldest sister, 9-year-old AlDhabi, is the world’s youngest person to publish a bilingual book series (female), a title she earned when she was 8 years and 239 days old.

Her little brother, 5-year-old Saeed, followed on her footsteps and holds 2 records:

  • Youngest person to publish a book (male), at the age of 4 years and 218 days
  • Youngest person to publish a book series (male), aged 4 years and 238 days old

two siblings signing their books

These records were all broken in 2023.

Then one year later, AlDhabi and Saeed’s little sister, AlMaha, decided she wanted to join the action and she broke 2 records herself:

  • Youngest person to publish a book (female), and
  • Youngest person to publish a book series (female), at 3 years and 319 days of age

Okay, so how did they do it? 😲

Well, according to their parents, it’s all about trying out new things and discovering your passions and talents: “Everybody is born with a talent and that talent cannot be known unless they discover it by trying things out.”

Indeed, ever since she could read, AlDhabi has loved reading as well as writing stories, inventing characters and developing their adventures, first in her head and, eventually, on paper.

aldhabi with her book and record certificate

AlDhabi attempted the record to inspire other kids just like you, all around the world, and to make them believe in themselves and follow their dreams with passion. ❤️

The message she wants to spread is that "no matter how old you are, there is always a hope and a strong belief that you can achieve your dreams".

What is YOUR dream?

Once AlDhabi secured her record title, Saeed was inspired and moved by her to put his own ideas on to paper:

“I love my sister so much and I enjoy playing with her all the time! We read, write, draw and do so many activities together. I wrote my book [inspired by her] as I felt that I could have my own book too.”

saeed holding record certificate

Writing a whole book from scratch is certainly hard – but also really fun! 🤓

Saeed had the best time describing the characters of his tale, as well as drawing them.

But his favourite part was getting to read his story out loud to his mum, dad and his friends at school, who were all very happy for him! 

Their mum told us: “I believe these records […] reflect the power of books, reading, and skill development. I am immensely proud of all my children and their remarkable achievements.”

Do you believe in the power of books? 📖

After seeing her older siblings succeeding, and noticing how much fun it was for them to work and create together, AlMaha set her sights on writing a book herself and, why not, even break a world record.

almaha signing book

With her family guiding her, by now experienced in both the processes of publishing a book and of attempting records, and her willingness to work hard and let her imagination drive her, she was unstoppable. 💪

And the rest… is history!

Congratulations kiddos, you are all Officially Amazing. 🏆

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