Set a Record

No adults allowed! At GWR HQ we've been busy creating records just for you - people under 16. Now you won’t have to compete unfairly alongside the grown-ups, and you'll have lots of records to try out soon. To start with though, five records will be available to try soon- read more about them below!

More information will be available soon on when and how you can apply for these records (you will need a parent/guardian to help), so make sure you come back for updates!

Most socks put on one foot in 30 seconds  

How fast are you at getting ready in the mornings?! Let’s find out in this fast-paced record attempt - if you can find all the socks you need first!
Coming soon ⏲️

Most soft toys caught blindfolded

Put all those soft toys laying around your room to good use. Grab a friend and see just how good your catching skills are when you can't see... luckily they won't be throwing anything pointy!
Coming soon ⏲️

Fastest time to stack 20 LEGO® bricks in a right-angle tower

Reckon you could be the speediest plastic brick stacker in the world? Let’s see how fast you are with this time based record!
Coming soon ⏲️

Most times to hit a target with a paper aircraft in three minutes

Do you think you are a pro at making and throwing paper aeroplanes? Put that to the test and see how many you can get on target.
Coming soon ⏲️

Fastest time to pack a school bag

The school bell has rung and it’s time to go home- how fast can you pack your bag?
Coming soon ⏲️