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Watch a sausage get launched 23 yards! 😱🌭👇

The american football team the Jacksonville Jaguars decided to chuck a sausage and catch it in a bun to get the record for Longest throw and catch of a hotdog sausage into a bun in London.

Mark Brunell, who used to play for the Jacksonville Jaguars as a quarterback, launched the sausage a soaring 20.96 m (68 ft 9 in) which was caught in a hotdog bun by Brit Ryan Moore.

Look at that sausage fly!

They had to throw it at least 20 m (65 ft 7 in) for the record to be accepted.

How far could you throw a sausage?🌭 

You better check with your parents before you start sending sausages flying through the garden, though! 😂

"It took just about everything I had to throw it that far," admitted Brunell after the attempt. Who knew sausage throwing was so tiring? 

While resting his sausage flinging fingers, Brunell reflected on his meaty victory: "Pretty big deal. I’m proud of it."

Left: Adjudicator Jack Brockbank, Centre: Mark Brunell, Right: Ryan Moore

"It's a little different from throwing a football of course – but anyone can throw a football, not everyone can throw a hotdog."

The sausage didn't escape the clutches of Adjudicator Jack Brockbank - who measured the sausage and bun to make sure they were the correct length. No cocktail sausages allowed!

Adjudicator measuring hotdog.jpg 

After a successful and fun record was set, Adjudicator Jack admitted the whole thing was "quite amusing". More like flippin' hilarious! 😂

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