Bob Weighton, from the UK, has been officially confirmed as the oldest person living (male) at 112 Years and 1 day as of 30 March 2020. 👴

Because of the UK's social distancing rules, a GWR adjudicator was unable to meet Bob in person and give him his certificate. 

Instead the assisted living home where Bob lives arranged for Happy Birthday to be sung to him on his balcony and presented him with his certificate, all from a safe distance.


Bob was born on March 29th 1908, in Kingston-Upon-Hull, Yorkshire and was one of seven children. 

In 1937 Bob married his wife Agnes who, like him, was a teacher. 

Their first child was born in Taiwan before they decided to return to the United Kingdom in 1939.

When World War II broke out in 1939, Bob and is family went to Toronto, Canada. 

While in Canada, Bob and Agnes had two more children and returned to the UK when the war ended in 1945.

Bob now has 10 grandchildren and 25 great-grandchildren and in March 2018, he celebrated becoming a super-centenarian.