Saturnino de la Fuente García (Spain) is the new oldest man in the world! 👴

At the incredible age of 112 years and 211 days, he received his Guinness World Records title of oldest person living (male).

Saturnino was born on 11 February 1909, but he always decided to celebrate his birthday a few days early, on 8 February. Probably because he couldn’t wait to open his presents! 🎁😄

Oldest living man with certificate

Saturnino has lived through many important events in history, including both World Wars.

Luckily, thanks to his short height, he didn’t have to fight in any wars himself. Standing at 1.50 m (4.92 ft) tall, he was too small to be a soldier. 

Saturnino worked as a shoemaker instead and married the love of his life Antonina Barrio Gutiérrez in 1933. 💍

During the Spanish Civil War, which started in 1936, he made lots of boots for the army. 🥾🥾

Everybody knew "El pepino" (which is Spanish for "the cucumber"). He was the most popular shoemaker in the area. 😀

Oldest living man being interviewed

Besides making shoes, Saturnino has another huge passion: his football (soccer) clubs. ️⚽️

  • He played for and co-founded the local team, Puente Castro
  • He’s also one of the biggest fans of León city’s team Cultural Leonesa.

On Saturnino’s 110th birthday, his team Puente Castro celebrated him as the oldest member of the club. 👴🥳️

Saturnino being filmed for an interview

Year after year, Saturnino and Antonina's small family grew bigger and bigger. 👶👶👶

They had seven daughters and one son. Today, Saturnino has 14 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren in total. 😵

That’s enough to make 3 new football teams! ️⚽️

Saturnino celebrated his 112th birthday surrounded by all his loved ones. They must have bought lots of cake to feed everyone! 🎂🎂🎂

We hope Saturnino continues to celebrate many birthdays to come. 🥳️

Could he break Jiroemon Kimura’s record for the oldest person ever (male)? Jiroemon lived to be 116 years and 54 days.

Watch this video to see more of the oldest people ever 👇👇

The oldest person ever

  • The oldest person ever to have lived is Jeanne Calment (France), who lived to be 122 years and 164 days
  • The oldest person living (female) is Kane Tanaka (Japan, b. 2 January 1903). At the age of 118 years, she could become the oldest person ever in 4 years time.