split image of trapp family touching the ceiling and adam being measured

These members of the Trapp family tree are almost as tall as trees themselves. 🌳

With an average height of 6 ft 8.03 in (203.29 cm), this family of five, from Minnesota, USA, are the tallest family in the world.

If they stood on top of each other, they would be the same height as two adult giraffes! 🦒🦒

Krissy aka Mama Trapp is the shortest family member, whilst the youngest family member, Adam, towers over the rest.

  • Scott (dad): 6 ft 8 in (202.7 cm)
  • Krissy (mom): 6 ft 3 in (191.2 cm)
  • Savanna (age 27): 6 ft 8 in (203.6 cm)
  • Molly (age 24): 6 ft 6 in (197.2 cm)
  • Adam (age 22): 7 ft 3 in (221.7 cm)

"I love saying that I’m the shortest person in the world’s tallest family." – Krissy Trapp


You may have had a growth spurt recently, but how does it compare to Savanna’s massive growth spurts when she was younger?

"I have always been tall but had a growth spurt where I grew an inch and a half in one month,” she said. 🤯

"The growing pains were unreal. I have stretch marks on the back of my legs” – Savanna Trapp-Blanchfield

There are other downsides to being so tall, such as having to duck through doorways and squeezing their legs into cars. 🚗

"If I stand up too fast, I’ll faint and it’s a long way to fall," Savanna joked.


However, the Trapps agree that the positives of their super size outweigh the negatives. 😃

Their huge heights have helped them in sports throughout their lives. All three Trapp kids were recruited by colleges to play either basketball or volleyball. 🏀🏐

"Coaches always said to us 'you can't teach height. You’re either tall or you’re not'" Molly said.


As you might expect, the world’s tallest family attract attention everywhere they go – people can’t help but stare at them. 😳

The Trapps don’t mind though as they are proud of their genetics and they like to educate others.

"Being able to meet new people when they come up and ask me questions about my height is something I like the most," said Adam. 😊


They may be record breakers, but the Trapps are just the same as any other family.

"I still put on my pants one leg at a time like most people. They're just really long pants," Adam joked. 👖

Most people can’t relate to the struggles of being so tall, but the Trapp family can all relate to each other, which they feel has made them a strong team

"It’s nice to have a shoulder that’s tall enough for you to lean on. Who better to understand what you’re going through than the people who are even taller than you are?" Molly explained.


The Trapps hope that their record-breaking tallness will empower other people to be proud of their unique features.

"There is joy and freedom in embracing who you are," said Savanna. 

"Rock what you got. There is nobody else like you and that is fantastic."

How many of the world's tallest people do you recognize in this quiz?