How wide can you open your mouth? 😄

Probably not as far as Samantha can…

Samantha Ramsdell (USA) has the world’s largest mouth gape (female), and can open it 6.52 cm (2.56 inches) wide.


I’ve definitely always known I’ve had a big mouth. Basically since I could look in the mirror, I’ve known that my mouth was extremely large." – Samantha Ramsdell

Some of the things Sam can fit in her mouth:

  • A whole apple 🍏
  • An orange 🍊
  • A giant cookie 🍪
  • A wine glass 🍷
  • An entire portion of McDonald's Large French fries 🍟


Sam first attracted peoples’ attention on TikTok. She originally posted videos of herself singing and doing comedy, but she didn’t get many views until one day she made a video showing off her huge mouth. 👄

To her surprise the video went viral! Thousands of people were amazed at how wide Sam could open her mouth. 😲

"I know I have a big mouth, but I didn’t think it was THAT big. But the children on TikTok were like, 'no, your mouth is scarily big!'" – Samantha Ramsdell

Sam has nearly 1.7 million followers on TikTok now. 🤩


She never imagined that her mouth would make her famous, but she’s happy it did.

Her record-breaking mouth gape has set her apart from all of the other comedians and singers on the app – it’s what makes her special!

Sam’s followers were certain that her mouth was the largest in the world, so we had to go and see for ourselves.


We met Sam in her local dentist’s office where the dentist used digital calipers to calculate the length and width of Sam’s mouth.

Our official adjudicator confirmed that Sam’s mouth gape was large enough to earn her a Guinness World Records title! 🥳️

As a child, Sam was teased and bullied for her extraordinary mouth. Other kids would make fun of her and call her 'big mouth bass girl'. However, Sam is now proud of her big mouth.

Her message to anyone who has ever made fun of her: "Yes I have a big mouth, but at least I have the biggest one in the world!" 😎🏆


"Being able to get a record for something that I was so insecure about, something that I wanted to keep so small, it’s great because now it’s like one of the biggest, best things about me." - Samantha Ramsdell

Sam believes everyone should celebrate what makes them different and unique. 

And her advice to anyone who has an unusual skill or feature and wants to apply for a record? Do it! 

"Do it proud and make it your biggest asset. It’s your superpower, it is thing that makes you special and different from everyone else walking around."