🗣️Fantastic news alert!

Have you ever dreamed of breaking a world record, but thought you were too young?

Here at GWR we've been creating records exclusively for people under 16… no grown ups allowed. 🙅🏽‍♀️

In fact, we’ve just created 10 brand new record titles – no one’s claimed them yet, so they’re up for grabs!

Keep reading to find the best challenge for your skills, and you could be our next record-breaking star. 🤩

jump rope under 16 record

Most rope skips on one leg in one minute

Rope skipping is a great form of exercise, it helps improve your balance and motor skills and, let’s face it… it’s fun! 🤪

To attempt this record, just grab a rope and skip as fast as you can, on one leg, for 1 minute.

Sounds fairly simple, right?

But remember – simple does not mean easy. 😏

Click here if you think you’ve got what it takes, and start skipping.

Most pogo stick jumps in one minute

Another jumping record, only this time… on a pogo stick!

Bounce to the sky with this super-fun challenge, as every jump brings you one step closer to setting a record. 🦘

All you need is a pogo stick, a stopwatch, and lots and lots of practise.

Click here to apply!

pokemon evolutions under 16 record

Most Pokémon evolutions identified in one minute

Do you know Pikachu’s evolutions? How about Bulbasaur’s?

Put your Pokémon knowledge to the test and see how many evolutions you can identify in one minute! 😎

Click here and good luck – we really hope you catch ’em all!

Most leapfrog jumps in one minute (team of two)

This record title is made for you and a friend to attempt together – so it’s double the fun!

Grab your classmate, sibling or neighbour, and apply here to set a record together as a team… because two is better than one. 💪

Most Jenga Giant blocks removed in one minute (team of two)

And if you and your friend are not really the athletic type, but you still want to break a record together…

Why not try this Jenga Giant record instead? ☝️

Be careful though – this challenge requires patience and the ability to work under pressure!

Click here if you think you can handle it. 🥵

stack of shoes under 16 record

Tallest stack of shoes in one minute

Do you want to become our next record-breaking champ?

You’ve got big shoes to fill... and stack! 👞

Click here to attempt stacking as many shoes as possible, one on top of the other, creating the perfect shoe-tower.

Most hats balanced on the head in one minute

If you like stacking records, here’s another one for you. 🤠

Place as many hats as you can on your head, without them falling, and you could become our next record breaker at the drop of a hat!

Click here to take on the challenge. 

tallest stack of doughnuts under 16 record

Tallest stack of doughnuts in 30 seconds

Okay, we’ve got one more stacking record for you – and it’s delicious. 🤤 

Stack as many doughnuts as you possibly can, creating a yummy doughnut tower, and break an official record!

Click here to find out more… and just try not to eat them all before the attempt. 🤣

pillowcases under 16 record

Fastest time to make a bed

What if you could turn a somewhat boring chore into a record-breaking challenge? Wouldn’t that make it a hundred times more fun?! 🤩

Simply apply to follow the instructions and make your bed as fast as you can…

Once that record title is yours, then you can sleep like a king or queen! 😴

Fastest time to cover three pillows

Or, if you can’t be bothered to make the whole bed, you can start by covering the pillows. 🤪

Keep in mind, you need to be really fast – and no pillow fights allowed!

Click here to apply.

So, which record title will you attempt?

Good luck! 🤞