This record is such a flex. 😂

12-year-old Sofia from Ukraine is one of our most bendy record holders, managing to set not one, but 2 world records in the course of a year!

It all started in 2022, when she was invited to showcase her skills at the Italian TV show Lo Show dei Record.

Soon enough, she set the record title for world’s fastest time to travel 20 m in a contortion roll, with the impressive time of just 10.49 seconds.

And what is a contortion roll, you might ask?

Basically, it is a bone-defying, extremely back-bending manoeuvre that requires the professional contortionist to start with their feet over their head, with soles flat to the ground, before arching back and propelling into a forward roll, then repeating. 🤪

Sofia was – quite literally – head over heels to hold this title... but she didn't stop there!

Sofia Tepla contortion on window

Sofia decided she wanted to break another record soon, even though her country was facing difficulties: "I told to myself that it is necessary to continue, and to prove to the whole world, that Ukraine is full of talented and purposeful children.

“So, I set myself a new goal - to set one more world record. I think that by my example, I will inspire other athletes in my country not to lose motivation […]. And I wish them to boldly pursue their dream.” ❤️

Sofia Tepla attempting record

By spring of 2023, she was ready to set a new record, this time for the most contortion roll push-ups in 30 seconds!

On her successful attempt, she achieved a whopping 21 push-ups. 😮

Watch her attempt here and count along:

It goes without saying that you should NOT try this at home. 🙅

Sofia is a talented professional with many years of experience. In fact, her professional journey started when she was 7 years old, but she had started performing for her family and friends way before that!

So when we asked her if there are any downsides to being this flexible, Sofia said: “There are only advantages. I use my stretching very often in everyday activities… I can even brush my teeth with my feet when my hands are busy with something else!”

Sofia Tepla during show

Even though she is very young, Sofia loves performing on big stages and enjoys people's reactions!

Plus, because of what she does, she gets to travel often and see many countries. 🌎

Sofia Tepla being filmed during attempt

Some more of her hobbies include:

  • Making jewellery 💍
  • Playing board games 🎲
  • Making pancakes 🥞

Do you have any of the same hobbies?

sofia tepla holding two record certificates

Lastly, Sofia revealed that she is planning on breaking more records in the future... “There’s a lot I can do, and I have some ideas. I could break a record for lifting flowers with my mouth while in a backward bend.”

Way to go, Sofia! 💪

“I like to set new challenges for myself, and then succeed. I feel grateful for my parents, and want to thank them for supporting me.” – Sofia Tepla

Sofia has been named as one of Guinness World Records' Young Achievers and will feature in our 2024 book, which goes on sale later this year.

Sofia Tepla holding certificate