RINOKA from Tokyo, Japan is a typical 6-year-old who goes to school, does her homework and plays at the park.

Except… 👀

She is also the world’s youngest club DJ (female) and her artist name is "DJ RINOKA". 🎧

In fact, she achieved the record title when she was 6 years and 155 days old and, after months and months of practise, she performed at a club in front of over 100 music fans, leading the 'party' for over an hour!

This is her performing:

How did RINOKA's fascination with DJing start?

Well, it all started quite randomly when she saw a video of another talented DJ online, and decided she wanted to be like her. ✨

So, on Christmas 2022, she instantly knew what her present would be: “Santa got me the DJ kit I asked for, so I started learning how to use it!” 

What will you ask Santa for this Christmas?

As RINOKA told us, what she loves about DJing is that she can make “a loud sound”,  but what's really hard is “connecting the songs”.

Indeed, DJing is very hard, and Rinoka uses proper professional equipment to do it!

She is a pro after all. 😎

dj rinoka in front of console with record certificate

But what does a day in RINOKA's life look like?

When she’s not attending school or DJing, she takes hip-hop and jazz dance lessons or plays at the park close to her house, where she often has picnics with her family and has fun collecting insects.

She also likes skateboarding and she's even started learning to play the keyboard!

What do you like to do for fun?

RINOKA is super happy to have broken a world record, although she admits that playing for over an hour was really tiring. 😩

Finally, when we asked her what she wants to be when she grows up, RINOKA told us: “I want to be a cool artist and a DJ. This is what I said in my kindergarten graduation video too!”

In the future, I would like to tour the world as the youngest DJ and perform at big music festivals.

DJ RINOKA is now officially in the Guinness World Records family! 🤩

dj rinoka in club performing

But do you know who the youngest club DJ (male) is?

That’s Archie Norbury, also known as "DJ Archie".

He achieved the record title when he was just 4 years and 130 days old... Now he performs at nightclubs around the globe alongside his DJ dad John Norbury!