poozeum split image george and building

If you say you don't like this museum, then you must be a real party pooper! 🤣

The owner of the world’s largest collection of coprolites (= fossilized poo) has quit his job to make his dream come true by opening his very own... poo museum.

George Frandsen from USA is super excited to have finally opened the doors to the amazing Poozeum in Williams, Arizona.

Visitors can see George’s entire record-breaking collection, which even includes dinosaur poo! 🦕

Who would visit the Poozeum? 🙋‍♀️

Telling us all about his exciting new adventure, George said that he initially created a travelling exhibition of his collection which he donated to various museums across the country...

But people went so crazy about it that he realized his famous coprolites deserved their own home, where people could visit them anytime!

This realization ignited my resolve to establish a permanent home for the collection, allowing my vision for the Poozeum to be fully realized and appreciated by all.

poozeum building

George’s collection was last officially counted in 2015, when he had 1,277 pieces. 

And how many does he have now?

Approximately 8,000 pieces - yes, that's 8,000 pieces of fossilized poo. 🤯 

Apparently, after his world record became official, people from all over the world offered to give or sell him coprolites! 

poozeum coprolite example

🔎 So what’s George’s museum all about?

Well, it's mostly known as “the world’s premier dinosaur poop museum and gift shop”. 💩💩💩

Poozeum owner George with statue The Stinker

According to George, you kids will LOVE his museum.

It's the perfect place for anyone looking for a unique, fun and unforgettable experience...

And the best part? It's FREE

poozeum second coprolite example

After many years of thinking about it, and carefully waiting for the right moment in which he could take that step, George quit his job to create this museum and make his dream a reality.

When you have a dream, you have to work towards it as much as you can and be patient... And one day, it will come true! ✨

What would YOUR museum be about?

poozeum trex and a model poo

💡 Fun fact: George also owns the largest coprolite from a carnivore – a specimen called “Barnum” that measures 67.5 cm (2 ft 2.5 in) long!

George has had a passion for dinosaurs and fossils since he was a little kid.

Then, he saw a coprolite for the first time when he was 18 during a visit to a rock and fossil shop in Utah.

The largest coprolite from a carnivore

“Instantly, I found it both hilarious and fascinating,” he confessed.

We couldn't agree more. 🤣

“This sparked my curiosity, leading me to learn everything I could about coprolites. I soon realized that these peculiar prehistoric ‘time capsules’ offer direct insights into the diets, behaviours, and environments of ancient creatures.

“Given that most people have little to no experience with coprolites, it's enjoyable to introduce them to this fascinating world and share the wonders they hold.”

Find out more about the Poozeum here!