Kids Privacy Summary

4. What do we do with this information?

We may use this information:

  • to work on your record attempt application;
  • to send you newsletters that you have signed-up for;
  • to run competitions that you have entered and to tell you that you have won (if you have!);
  • to answer you if you write to us or call us;
  • to recognise your computer, phone or tablet when you visit our site;
  • to work out the types of people who use our site and which bits of it they like best so that we can decide how to make it better; and
  • if the law says we have to.

We may also use your information to contact you:

  • to tell you about changes to our site, our Terms & Conditions or how we use your information;
  • about an account you have created or something you have uploaded to our Site;
  • if you have agreed we can, to send you information about us and what we do;
  • to get feedback or to help you with a question; or
  • To ask for your thoughts about GWR in a survey