split image of michael pick posing by the largest xbox console and standing by a standard xbox series x console

YouTuber Michael Pick (USA), creator of the world’s largest Nerf gun, has done it again…

This time, he’s taken his talents to the next level by constructing an extra-large Xbox Series X! 🎮

It's officially the world’s largest Xbox console, measuring 2.08 m x 1.04 m x 1.04 m (6.82 ft x 3.41 ft x 3.41 ft).

The colossal console weighs 250 pounds (113 kg) – that’s roughly the same weight as an average refrigerator. 😲

See exactly how Michael built this extremely big Xbox here 👇

Michael began by building supersized versions of a regular Xbox’s parts, including a wooden shell and back connection ports (the parts that the cables plug into).


The biggest challenge Michael faced was recreating the curves of the Xbox Series X and its green, glowing logo.

It needed to glow non-stop, whilst also working as a push button. After a lot of thinking, Michael finally came up with a solution and got it to work. 💡


Although the huge Xbox console is functional, it doesn’t operate completely on its own.

Similar to Alfredo the human chef in Ratatouille, or Riley in Inside Out, the large Xbox console is controlled by a smaller, regular-sized Xbox which is hidden inside. 

By pressing the big button on the big Xbox, a signal is sent to a motor inside, which presses the button on the regular-sized Xbox. 😃


Everything went according to plan for Michael during the construction of this giant gaming console. He said it was much easier than building the largest Nerf gun, which was a lot more complicated.

The entire Xbox creation process took about two days to plan and a month to construct.


After completing the build, Michael gifted the record-breaking Xbox to a local children’s hospital, where it can be put to good use. 😀🎮


Being recognized for his second Guinness World Records title means a lot to Michael. 😊

"I’ve worked really hard making this build as accurate as possible and having a Guinness World Records title is a really cool way to end this project." – Michael Pick

 What supersized object should he build next?

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