Largest stroller

Babies get pushed around in strollers, so why shouldn’t adults too?

Tom Koltun from the US decided that this just wasn’t fair, so he built the world’s Largest pram/stroller.

Largest pram

The enormous seat measures 1.38 m (4 ft 6.3 in) long – definitely big enough for Jamie and Tom, who posed in the carriage for the Guinness World Records photoshoot.

"We wanted to create the biggest stroller in the world so that adults could see how their babies feel when riding in a stroller," said Tom.

It took two months to build the stroller. Once it was completed, Tom took the stroller out in Chicago and asked parents to give it a test drive:

"I always loved the Guinness World Records book as a kid, and it’s really exciting to know that I’ll be featured! It definitely gives me some extra cool points with my kids." - Tom Kulton.
Baby in the largest pram