split image longest and tallest waterslide
  1.     Walk up the stairs 🚶

  2.     Sit at the top of the slide and cross your arms 🙅‍♂️

  3.     Look down the slide in excitement and fear 😱

  4.     Scoot your butt forward to zoom down 🤪🌊

  5.     Make a big SPLASH at the bottom! 💦

Riding water slides can be addictive. Sliding down one time isn’t enough - you need to go again and again and again. It’s a very slippery slope!

If you’re searching for your next epic water slide fix, look no further. Here are four of the coolest water slides in the world.

Longest mountain/hillside water slide

Sure, skiing down a mountain is fun, but sliding down looks like even more fun!

The world’s longest mountain/hillside water slide is 2,723.08 m (8,933 ft 11 in). That’s big enough to hold almost 2,000 10-year-old kids at the same time. 🤯

You can reach speeds of up to 30 km/h as you float down the side of Puhuasi Mountain, in Lishui, China. 🗻

The slide zig-zags around the mountain, dropping riders into the water 226 m (741 ft) below. 🌊

Longest inner tube / mat water slide

This slide looks like a giant yellow and blue snake! It's the longest inner tube / mat water slide in the world. 🐍

This slide loops and curls 1111 m (3,645 ft 0.1 in) through a forest in Penang, Malaysia. It’s one of the most fun things to do at ESCAPE, an outdoor theme park.

If you’re too scared to go alone, the slide has double rings so that two people can ride down together. 👦👧

Longest plastic water slide

There’s lots of slipping and sliding fun to be had here! 😄🌊

The longest plastic water slide is 616 m (2,021 ft), located at Canaan Valley Ski Resort in Davis, West Virginia, USA.

This monster slide is longer than five American football fields. 😲🏈

All you have to do is grab an inflatable tube, run up really fast, then jump on the slippery slide and let it take you away! 

The slide was made 2,021 foot long to match the year 2021. It was created to celebrate America’s Independence Day weekend. 🥳️

split image tallest inflatable waterslide

Tallest inflatable slide

Australia is home to lots of scary stuff like creepy crawlies, slithering snakes and killer crocodiles - but this slide might be the scariest of them all! 😱

The world’s tallest inflatable slide is 22.4 m (73 ft 5.9 in) tall. That’s taller than 4 giraffes stacked on top of each other!

This speedy slide is nearly double the height of the previous tallest inflatable slide. There are two lanes, so you can race a friend to the bottom! 😝😜🌊

It was created by Freestyle Slides (USA) in 2016 at a pop-up water park in Perth, Australia called 'Xscape at the City'.