split image shortest club dj from colombia

Meet DJ Yeison Enrique Delgado Castro, also known as Yeye

With a height of 102.46 cm (3 ft 4 in), he is officially the world’s shortest club DJ.  🎶

Yeye is from Colombia and his record was verified in Caracas, Venezuela on 12 November 2022, making him one of the record breakers of Guinness World Records 2024 - out now!  

Yeye entertains audiences for hours at parties and nightclubs! Sounds fun, right?!

Here's a video of him at work:

Yeye is clearly very talented, but what may come as a surprise is that he learned to mix music all on his own!

He loved music so much that he decided to practise until he could become a professional DJ, despite having to go through difficult situations in life that did not allow him to make his dream come true as quickly as others... 


GWR Shortest club Dj from Colombia

 “I knew that [...] nothing would stop me from achieving my dream,” Yeison told us. 

Yeye wants to show the world that with clear goals and hard work he can achieve any goal he sets for himself... and so can you! 💪

But how does he feel about his height?

Yeye tells us that he has never considered his height as an obstacle to achieving his goals. In fact, he found in it an opportunity to stand out from the crowd!

After all, our unusual traits are what make us unique. ❤️

When people meet Yeye, they are usually surprised first by his size and second by his great talents as a DJ. They always ask him for photos and videos, especially when they find out that he is the shortest club DJ.

He has been working as a professional DJ for over 10 years, and he loves seeing people relax and have a great time dancing to his music!

It's something unique to see the public enjoying your work, the joy, the passion, the emotion.  

Sometimes, people are surprised by his size and doubt his talent as a DJ, but when they see him perform, they are instantly convinced of his abilities.  

Yeye playing music in a party in Colombia

So, how does it feel to be a world record breaker?

"For me it is an honour, a great satisfaction, emotion, there are many mixed feelings, because it was never easy, and I feel so happy, grateful to God and GWR for the attention for making it possible." the DJ told us. "I want to continue working and to be given the best job opportunities.” 

Welcome to the Guinness World Records family, Yeye! 🥳