Do you have any special skills? 

If you do, there could be a Guinness World Records title with your name on it. 🏅

And don’t worry if your talents are quite obscure - as long as they make you happy, that’s all that matters. 😁

Let’s take a look at these random records for some inspiration…

fastest time to assemble mr potato head

Fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head

Malaysian speed solver Lim Kai Yi is an expert at completing challenges quickly, regardless of whether they involve puzzle cubes, toys or even toilet rolls! 🧻

He currently holds 49 GWR titles, including the fastest time to assemble Mr Potato Head (5.43 sec).

Lim also accomplished the blindfolded variant of this record in 10.88 sec, which has since been equalled by Brendan Kelbie from Australia. 🏆 

Here are some of Lim’s other achievements:

  • Fastest time to solve a 3x3x3 rotating puzzle cube while swimming – 14.20 sec
  • Most Jenga blocks removed in 1 minute – 33
  • Fastest time to build a 10 toilet roll pyramid – 3.4 sec

Have you got what it takes to break the under 16 version of this record? 🫵

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longest throw and catch of a hot dog sausage in a bun

Longest throw and catch of a hot dog sausage in a bun

Would you rather do the catching or the throwing… or the eating? 🌭

American record-breaking buddies David Rush and Russell Phillips catapulted a hot dog sausage 51.029 m (167 ft 5 in) before capturing it in a regular-sized bread bun.

The distance covered by the meaty missile is equal to the length of 2 tennis courts! 🎾

If you could attempt a record with one of your friends or family members, who would you choose? 

fastest mile on a kick scooter

Fastest mile on a kick scooter

How quick could you complete this record? 🛴

Gifted grandpa Michael O’Connor from Canada celebrated his 57th birthday in style by breaking the fastest mile on a kick scooter record in just 4 min 45.19 sec! 

Imagine how exciting it would be to receive a GWR certificate on your special day! 

Happy birthday Michael! 🎂

most standing jumps on horseback in 30 seconds

Most standing jumps on horseback in 30 seconds

Here at Guinness World Records, we love it when people combine their hobbies in order to gain extraordinary records. 

And this is exactly what Amanda Staalsoe did to secure 2 GWR titles in just 1 day! 🤸‍♀️

With the help of her horse Charlie, the Danish equestrian vaulter set the records for most standing jumps on horseback in 30 seconds (13) and most scissor transitions on horseback in 30 seconds (5). 🐎

Could you break a world record (or 2) with your pet?

girl holding stopwatch

Now it’s YOUR turn

With some practice, patience and positivity, we know you’ve got what it takes to become Officially Amazing! ⭐

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