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Now THIS is an unusual world record, right?! 🤪

A woman from USA has a tongue with a circumference larger than a soda can - but how is this possible?

Let's start with the facts; Jenny DuVander, whose tongue has a circumference of 13.25 cm (5.21 in), has the largest tongue circumference on a female in the world. 

“I was reading the 2023 Guinness World Records book with my son before bed and saw a picture of the male record holder,” she told us when explaining how she decided to apply for her record attempt. 

I didn’t know that tongue circumference was a thing! Right away, I had to measure mine at home and saw that it was at least 12 cm.

So how did she measure it?

The process wasn't actually all that hard - a doctor wrapped dental floss around it and then measured the length of the floss.

Jenny, who has been able to flex her tongue for as long as she can remember, realized she had a unique trait when she was a teenager.

And, although she says flexing her tongue isn’t a very useful skill, it sure does surprise people!

Who wouldn't want to see a trick like that at a party?! 😆

“It usually comes up when folks are comparing what tongue tricks they can do,” she explains. 

jenny duvander puffs up her tongue

“Like the tongue curl, the flip, the clover, and the bowl.”

Jenny also says she can flip her tongue upside down and even touch her tongue to her nose!

Can you do any tricks with your tongue? 👅

“I also play the flute, and a strong tongue is pretty useful for playing fast notes,” she said.

Jenny says when people see her tongue flexed, their eyes usually go wide. 😳

jenny duvander holds up her certificate

“People might think I’m turning it sideways until they realize it’s that big all around,” she said. 

It’s pretty weird looking.

According to Jenny, the tongue is pure muscle and very agile. 

“When you think about it, the tongue is the only muscle that’s free to move around like that,” she said. 

“We use it all the time to speak and eat. It moves around all day and never gets tired.”

Although Jenny says her unique ability comes naturally to her, there’s no harm in practising - who knows, maybe you've got a hidden tongue talent. 🤓

Jenny with her son Evan

Her advice is: “Maybe start by parting your teeth and trying to get your tongue to reach both the top and bottom teeth at one time. 

“Then gradually increase the distance between your teeth.”

Why not try this in front of the mirror and see if it works? 😉

Jenny is proud of her Guinness World Records title and she thanks her son for encouraging her to apply.

“My son, Evan, loves Guinness World Records and pores through the hardcover books every year,” she said. 

My record is definitely inspired by his love of facts and human abilities.

Congratulations, Jenny, you are Officially Amazing! 🥳